Imaging 3.0 Speaker's Toolkit

Get everything you need to deliver a compelling presentation about critical Imaging 3.0 topics. Resources include presentation decks with complete, slide-by-slide scripts and talking points; companion videos that you can download to show in your presentation; and additional tools and resources.

Feel free to customize these presentations and select exactly the resources you need to suit your audience, topics, presentation style and time frame. 

Communicating With External Stakeholders

Discussing Imaging 3.0 with external stakeholders in radiology is different than with radiologists. Use this presentation to convey an overview of Imaging 3.0, its components, and its benefits and to start an ongoing conversation with your external stakeholders.

Imaging 3.0 Explained

Bibb Allen Jr., MD, FACR, explains the impetus for Imaging 3.0 at the Imaging Informatics Summit & Data Registries Forum.

What Is Imaging 3.0

Why is this the third generation of radiology? How can radiologists re-establish relevance in today’s health care system?

Payment and Reimbursement

Tools to address new payment models.

Informatics and IT

How can radiologists apply imaging informatics and technological advances to practical medical use?

Additional Imaging 3.0 Resources