ACR Learning Network

ACR Learning NetworkThe ACR® Learning Network is comprised of improvement collaboratives working to solve problems in diagnostic imaging. Each collaborative is led by an expert radiologist and includes a cohort of teams from radiology practices across the country working together to test diverse solutions to solve the same problem within their practice settings.

The improvement collaboratives’ problem-solving focus will evolve over time. The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation has provided a generous grant in support of the following collaboratives:


Learn From the Best — Each Other

A three-part Bulletin series highlights ACR Learning Network teams from the first cohort of 22 sites that participated in quality improvement collaboratives through the ACR ImPower program. Learn how these teams are working together to solve difficult problems and share successes and failures along the way.

Why Participate?

  • Receive rigorous training in proven quality improvement strategies and processes.
  • Obtain guidance from national leaders to achieve sustained diagnostic excellence.
  • Be recognized as a national leader in one of the collaboratives’ focus areas.
  • Earn continuing education credits.

How It Works

Phase 1: ImPower Program Participation

Participating facilities are supported through a two-month preparation phase to build their local team, identify their problem focus and scope, and begin collecting baseline data.

Teams then complete the 10-session ImPower training program to learn a standard process for achieving improvement and completing quality improvement projects.

Successful organizations have:

  • Department leaders who are supportive of and willing to manage change.
  • A team of engaged front-line staff and leaders to participate in the program and do project work.
  • An improvement coach with quality improvement experience.
  • An organizational sponsor to provide time and resources for the project.
  • The capability to track and report data about improvement progress on a weekly basis and to perform manual image audits or report reviews as needed.
  • Ability to carry out the necessary general requirements.
  • A desire to join a community committed to improving and collaborating to create the best experience for your staff and patients.
Learn more about phase 1 participation by viewing the Cohort 1 and Cohort 2 commemorative brochures. 


Phase 2: Learning Network — Disseminating Improvement

Sites that have completed the ImPower Program are invited to participate in the growing learning network community. Network participants —known as "star sites" — meet quarterly to support ongoing improvement and share best practices, which are disseminated throughout the radiology community.

Successful organizations:

  • Continue efforts to improve performance by testing new improvement strategies and refining previously implemented strategies.
  • Submit performance data and discuss results with peers.
  • Demonstrate sustained improvement.
  • Engage with the Learning Network community by attending quarterly meetings.
  • Mentor individuals and teams participating in the ACR ImPower Program.
  • Spread improvement strategies through publications and conference presentations.
Learn more about phase 2 participation in the ACR Learning Network.

Learn more about the first teams that participated in the ACR ImPower Program.

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Program Directors

David Larson, MD, MBA, Chair of the ACR Commission on Quality and Safety

Mythreyi Chatfield, PhD, ACR Executive Vice President of Quality and Safety

Grant Funding

The ACR Learning Network is funded by Grant Number 10476 from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, a philanthropic entity that supports measurable, durable solutions to important problems, including those in healthcare. The content provided above is solely the responsibility of the authors and does not necessarily represent the official views of the Moore Foundation.