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ACR Learning NetworkThe ACR Learning Network is a collaboration of organizations focused on improving the quality of patient care through the sustained use of improvement strategies. To join the Learning Network, organizations first participate in ImPower, a structured improvement program where multi-disciplinary teams learn and apply quality improvement tools, earn continuing education credits, and collaborate with peer institutions. Each improvement collaborative within ImPower is led by an expert radiologist and consists of a cohort of teams from organizations across the county, who work together to solve the same problem within their respective local environments. 

These are the ImPower improvement collaboratives and their goals: 

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Does your organization strive to implement continuous quality improvement processes, reduce variability in clinical outcomes and provide the highest quality services for patients?

If those are critical objectives, we are here to support you using a structured quality improvement program called ImPower! By empowering and teaching frontline staff to strategically problem solve, your organization's ability to optimize processes, consistently produce high quality outcomes, and sustainably improve the patient experience increases exponentially.

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Below are strategic goals in radiology coupled with potential methodologies and their outcomes. Completing ImPower is the most effective, comprehensive solution to achieve your departmental goals. 

ImPower Learnings

Learn about the ImPower project teams and the benefits of shared learning by reading our Cohort 1 and Cohort 2 brochures. 

Review our three-part Bulletin series that highlights how project teams collaborated to solve challenging problems, and shared successes and struggles along the way. 

Hear from ImPower graduates about their experiences using ImPower’s structured approach to collaborate with peer institutions and implement sustainable, effective solutions:

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Program Directors

David Larson, MD, MBA, Chair of the ACR Commission on Quality and Safety

Mythreyi Chatfield, PhD, ACR Executive Vice President of Quality and Safety

Grant Funding

The ACR Learning Network is funded through June 30, 2024, by Grant Number 10476 from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, a philanthropic entity that supports measurable, durable solutions to important problems, including those in healthcare. The content provided above is solely the responsibility of the authors and does not necessarily represent the official views of the Moore Foundation.
ImPower participation fees will go into effect after the conclusion of the grant, beginning with cohort 4. 

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