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ACR Learning NetworkThe ACR® Learning Network pursues improvement in diagnostic imaging through a learning health systems approach characterized by strong leadership, effective use of data in the clinical setting, and both a culture and a workforce committed to continuous learning and improvement.

Led by David B. Larson, MD, MBA, Professor and Vice-Chair of Education and Clinical Operations in the Department of Radiology, Stanford University School of Medicine, and chair of the ACR Commission on Quality and Safety, the ACR Learning Network will be carried out through four inaugural improvement collaboratives. Supported by ACR ImPower, a team-based, multidisciplinary and structured improvement program, the collaboratives will address important areas of performance in cancer diagnosis and set the stage to facilitate diagnostic excellence at local sites on a scale previously unachievable in radiology.

A radiologist expert will lead each of the collaboratives comprised of teams from four to six sites that will work to solve the same problem within their respective healthcare setting. Participating sites will become regional and even national leaders in their focus area and will serve as an example for other facilities looking to reach similar performance goals.

Applications Now Closed for Improvement Collaborative Participation

The ACR received nearly 200 applications from facilities interested in participating in the first cohort of the ACR Learning Network’s improvement collaboratives. The strong response is testament to the radiology community’s broad interest in working collaboratively to improve diagnostic performance.

Application submission to participate in the second cohort of the same four learning collaboratives is anticipated to open in fall 2022.

Improvement Collaboratives



Physician Leader

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American College of Radiology Lung Cancer Screening Improvement Collaborative

Improve lung cancer screening rates, ensuring that individuals at risk are identified and receive appropriate imaging and treatment. Neville Irani, MD

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Improve breast positioning on mammography by ensuring that technologist skills are well developed and continuously maintained. Sarah Pittman, MD 

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Improve image quality on prostate MR by increasing the consistent use of appropriate MR equipment, imaging protocols and operator skill. Andrei Purysko, MD  Visit collaborative web page »
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Improve appropriate follow-up on recommendations in imaging related to lung cancer by ensuring consistent interpretation, clear communication, and mechanisms for tracking and follow-up.
Ben Wandtke, MD
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Participants will work to solve the same problem at their respective institutions, learning and sharing as they go. They will share measures, common issues and solutions to improve performance. Learning together will help identify common methods to build a culture of performance measurement.

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Project Funding

The ACR Learning Network is funded by Grant Number 10476 from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation , a philanthropic entity that supports measurable, durable solutions to important problems, including those in healthcare. The content provided above is solely the responsibility of the authors and does not necessarily represent the official views of the Moore Foundation.