ACR Learning Network

ACR Learning NetworkThe ACR® Learning Network pursues improvement in diagnostic imaging care through a learning health systems approach characterized by strong leadership, effective use of data in the clinical setting, and both a culture and a workforce committed to continuous learning and improvement. The initiative is funded through a generous grant from the Betty and Gordon Moore Foundation.

The learning network is carried out through four improvement collaboratives that address important areas of cancer diagnosis:

A radiologist expert leads each of the improvement collaboratives comprised of teams from four to six sites per cohort working together to solve the same problem within their respective healthcare setting. Each collaborative develops and refines one or more measures to support the progress of the individual site projects and the progress of the entire collaborative. The learning network premise is when teams performing the work are involved in the creation of a measure they are of higher quality and more useful for tracking performance.

The work of 22 sites invited to participate in the improvement collaborative’s first cohort got underway in February 2022. The cohort 1 sites have laid important foundational work, such as problem definition, refining quality improvement measures and developing process maps, that will support cohort 2 and subsequent teams in getting off to an accelerated start.

Improvement Collaborative Announcements

A white paper showcasing the learning network concept, introducing the ACR Learning Network structure, and reporting progress to-date was published in the March issue of the Journal of the American College of Radiology. Read the article »

Learn about the launch of the ACR Learning Network and read what cohort 1 participants are saying about their experience in the ACR Learning Network commemorative brochure.

Accepting Applications for Cohort 3

Applications for cohort 3 participation in the improvement collaboratives are now being accepted.

How Do I Learn More About Participating?

  1. Watch the program overview video  to learn about the learning network’s development and purpose, the makeup of site teams and how they work to improve performance together.
  2. Review details about how participants are supported by ACR ImPower, a 10-session structured program that engages site teams in learning a standard process for improvement and getting quality improvement projects done.
  3. Visit the general requirements page to learn about important factors that lead to successful participation and result in meaningful learning and improvement.

Benefits of Participation

  • Receive rigorous training in proven quality improvement (QI) strategies and processes via the ImPower Program and quality coach training that a site can use for future QI work.
  • Obtain guidance from national leaders to get the most out of participation and achieve sustained diagnostic excellence.
  • Become a regional and even national leader in one of the collaboratives’ focus areas and continue participation in the learning network’s community.
  • Obtain continuing education credits for ImPower program participation and completing a quality improvement initiative.

Application Steps

View the application page for step-by-step directions about applying.

Up to six facilities will be selected for each improvement collaborative and interviews for cohort 3 participation begin in May.

Questions? Visit the FAQ page or email

Program Directors

David Larson, MD, MBA, Chair of the ACR Commission on Quality and Safety

Mythreyi Chatfield, PhD, ACR Executive Vice President of Quality and Safety

Grant Funding

The ACR Learning Network is funded by Grant Number 10476 from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, a philanthropic entity that supports measurable, durable solutions to important problems, including those in healthcare. The content provided above is solely the responsibility of the authors and does not necessarily represent the official views of the Moore Foundation.