What is RadExam?

RadExam is a collaborative effort of the Association of Program Directors in Radiology (APDR) and the American College of Radiology (ACR) which equips radiology residency programs with needed tools for ACGME-required formative assessment with its versatile set of examinations and iterative testing.

RadExam contains high quality, psychometrically validated, peer-reviewed multiple choice questions.

All have national and institutional comparative performance benchmarks.

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Test Item Writing

Are you interested in Test Item Writing for RadExam? We are looking for new and experienced Test Item Writers to author RadExam questions. Learning to write high-quality psychometrically validated questions is challenging so training and educational resources are provided. The APDR-ACR assigns annual awards dependent on the number of questions written which can be included in faculty portfolios. 

If interested, please complete the online interest form now.

Online Interest Form

Update: New exams are now available

Starting in January 2019, RadExam and the DXIT Exam will be offered as a residency training program package. Residents whose sites have not registered them for the ACR 2020 DXIT exam will no longer be able to have new exams scheduled to their account. Program Directors and Coordinators will continue to have access to previous exam data

Additional information is available on the FAQ section of the Dashboard, which includes detailed instructions. Please contact intrainingexam@acr.org for additional assistance.

If not previously registered, Program Directors and Coordinators must sign up to access new exams.

Program Directors and Coordinators

RadExam provides each Program Director with specialty and resident level specific exams that can be administered at the end of each rotation. Pre-call, non-interpretative skills and physics exams are included.

Performance reports provide graphically displayed results with comparisons with both institutional and national means for both individuals and programs. See samples below. This data is key for CCC and PEC reviews. Currently, the majority of training programs have signed up as of July 2018.

Exam content includes at least one per R level per specialty, Modality specific exams in physics, and non-interpretive skills exams that will give you the ability to:

  • Review exam content
  • Schedule exams to appropriate residents to be taken during a specified period
  • Immediately review the results, with comparisons to other R level equivalent residents at your institution and nationally (as soon as sufficient examinees have taken the exam)
  • Track results over time, within specialty and modality
  • Compare your institutional overall results with other institutions

Future updates to the RadExam will allow you to:

  • Make your own exams from the database of questions
  • Alter resident demographics (R level, add and remove residents) from within RadExam
  • Automatic emails to inform your residents that exams are scheduled and available
  • Assign specific access permissions to your faculty
  • Ability to reset exams and also mark incomplete exams as ‘completed’ so that scores appear

Sample Performance Reports

Dashboard data
Instant snapshot of resident exam status and performance* 
  Institutional comparison data
Data can be compared by modality, specialty or exam* 
Individual resident data
Specific exam results with comparison data* 
Modality specific results* 
*Click to view larger version    

Resident Benefits

RadExam gives residents the ability to regularly assess their specialty specific knowledge base as they complete each rotation, and compare their results with other R level comparable residents locally and nationally.

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For any questions, contact intrainingexam@acr.org. Please make sure your residents are updated in PPM for them to appear correctly in RadExam.

If they are not correct after that, then send your current resident list to radexamsupport@acr.org.

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