What is RadExam?

The RadExam is a high quality question item and exam database developed by the APDR and ACR for Radiology programs to be able to provide R level specific, formative knowledge based assessment of their residents.

Developed jointly by the Association of Program Directors in Radiology and the American College of Radiology.

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Free Pilot

The APDR/ACR RadExam system will be running as a free pilot from Feb-June 2018 to all residency programs with limited functionality. Note that we are continuing to improve and add to the software and content during this period.

Program Directors and Coordinators

Exam content includes at least one per R level per specialty, Modality specific exams in physics, and non-interpretive skills exams that will give you the ability to:

  • Review exam content
  • Schedule exams to appropriate residents to be taken during a specified period
  • Immediately review the results, with comparisons to other R level equivalent residents at your institution and nationally (as soon as sufficient examinees have taken the exam)
  • Track results over time, within specialty and modality
  • Compare your institutional overall results with other institutions

Future updates to the RadExam will allow you to:

  • Make your own exams from the database of questions
  • Alter resident demographics (R level, add and remove residents) from within RadExam
  • Automatic emails to inform your residents that exams are scheduled and available
  • Assign specific access permissions to your faculty
  • Ability to reset exams and also mark incomplete exams as ‘completed’ so that scores appear

Resident Benefits

RadExam gives residents the ability to regularly assess their specialty specific knowledge base as they complete each rotation, and compare their results with other R level comparable residents locally and nationally. The questions are of similar format to the ABR questions and should provide good practice opportunities.



Assess and benchmark your knowledge in up to 13 radiology subspecialties.
Earn up to 104 CME and equivalent SA-CME.

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Sharpen your diagnostic proficiency for greater patient Impact.
Earn up to 15 CME and equivalent SA-CME.

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