Radiology Well-Being Program

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As a long-term stress reaction characterized by depersonalization, emotional exhaustion, a feeling of decreased personal achievement and a lack of empathy for patients, burnout exacts a distressingly high toll.

The American College of Radiology cares about your well-being and has developed the ACR Radiology Well-Being Program to help. All ACR members, including residents/fellows and medical students, receive free access to the following:

  • The ACR Well-Being 360 report, a collection of ideas to reduce burnout and solve unique practice challenges.
  • A set of well-being support guides for residents, medical students, and career physicians, with numerous educational activities.
  • An ACGME-aligned curriculum for residency program directors, program coordinators, and other program leaders designed to meet specific well-being requirements for residency programs.
  • A series of well-being case studies designed to help practice leaders, department managers, and team leaders implement practical suggestions to cultivate a culture of well-being.

Call for Case Studies

If you or someone you know has made a change to improve well-being at your practice or department, submit a case study idea.

ACR Well-Being 360 Project

Doing More With Less Investigating the state of well-being in radiology and crowdsourcing ideas to reduce burnout.

This project began as a result of the ACR’s desire to go beyond well-being resources for the individual and investigate what well-being means to the radiology community. We wanted to better understand the drivers of burnout at departments and practices around the country. Moreover, we wanted to know how radiologists would fix the problems that cause poor well-being. We found that the well-being needs were different for all, and their solutions (real and imagined) were equally unique.

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How would you fix burnout at your practice? Share your ideas, and we may add them to the website.

ACR Bulletin: Road to Wellness

In this special issue of the Bulletin, hear personal stories of burnout and resilience.

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JACR: Road Map to Foster Wellness


The 2018 radiology Intersociety Committee reviewed workplace burnout and identified approaches for fostering engagement, wellness, and job satisfaction.

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