Radiology Well-Being Program

Each month on Twitter, discover an activity that supports your well-being. Participants will be randomly selected to win prizes for sharing their activities on social media using #BeWellWithACR.

As a long-term stress reaction characterized by depersonalization, emotional exhaustion, a feeling of decreased personal achievement and a lack of empathy for patients, burnout exacts a distressingly high toll. With almost half of radiologists reporting burnout in the 2019 Medscape Radiology Lifestyle Report, it is abundantly clear we must work together to help combat this; this is our struggle.

The American College of Radiology cares about your well-being and has developed the ACR Radiology Well-Being Program to help. This program provides you with tools and resources to assess your level of wellness and identify ways to improve your well-being over time.  All ACR members, including residents/fellows and medical students, receive free access to the following:

Call for Case Studies

If you or someone you know has made a change to improve well-being at your practice or department, submit a case study idea.

Using the Well-Being Index (WBI) and Program

This screening tool allows you to better understand your overall well-being and identify areas of risk compared to your peers across the country. This is 100% anonymous—your information will not be shared with anyone, including the ACR.

  1. Access the WBI  now or download the mobile app from the iTunes store (for iPhone)  or from Google Play (for Android) .
  2. Click on “Register Here” and enter the appropriate invitation code:
    • Radiologists and radiation oncologists: ACRPHYSICIAN
    • Medical physicists: ACRMEDPHYS
    • Residents and fellows: ACRRFS
    • Medical students: ACRMEDSTUDENT
  3. Register and complete the 9-question survey. If you have an existing account, WBI can merge accounts, ensuring you retain any previous scores. After verifying your password, check the box to “Make this my primary organization” in order to see the radiology-specific resources curated by the ACR.
  4. View your results and how your level of well-being compares to others in your demographic group. The comparative groups include more than 7,000 physicians, 1,700 residents and fellows, and 2,000 medical students. The resource categories provided are based on your score.
  5. Track your well-being over time by returning to the WBI and repeating your self-assessment. Resources are available any time, and the survey can be completed monthly.

Have a resource or feedback you would like to share? Contact the Well-Being team at

Well-Being Support Guides for Physicians, Residents and Students

These guides, created by fellow radiologists, are designed to support aspects of your life that can affect levels of burnout. Each guide features several interactive resources and their associated time commitments and key takeaways.

Well-Being Support Guide to Resilience
There are limits to the stress and trauma that an individual can endure before their ability to bounce back is compromised, affecting the health of the individual. Individual strategies, such as those described in this guide, can support efforts to reduce stress and burnout.

Well-Being Support Guide to Communication
This guide is meant to serve as an introduction to radiologists who hope to learn more about why communication is important, as well as effective and appropriate interactions. The resources in this guide will also help enhance skills for radiologists who routinely communicate with patients.

Well-Being Support Guide to Self-Care
The first part of this guide includes elements of self-care that are fundamental to living a healthy life and are important for everyone. The second part includes suggestions that will be more individualized and nuanced in their effects.

Well-Being Support Guide to Mentorship
This guide will help you learn how mentoring across differences can improve well-being and reduce burnout.

Well-Being Support Guide to Diversity and Inclusion
This guide offers readings, activities and other resources to provide you with the tools needed to better understand the impact of diversity and inclusion on well-being.

Well-Being Support Guide to Conflict Resolution
Like any other skill, conflict resolution requires knowledge and practice. The resources within this guide provide guidance in recognizing conflicts that need attention, and offers skills that can lead to success.

ACR Bulletin: Road to Wellness

In this special issue of the Bulletin, hear personal stories of burnout and resilience.

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