Clinical Integration Services

ACRConnect_320The ACR Connect communication services platform includes APIs for seamless data exchange with vendor products at local facilities as well as Single Sign On to ACR applications through ACR ID.


Clinical Decision Support Registry

The ACR is creating a clinical decision support registry (CDSR) to examine the nationwide ordering patterns and the decision-making process that occurs during imaging orders. Data in this registry can help guide clinician education, clinical policy and public policy.

This registry will provide insights into ordering behavior, produce standard measures for CQI at provider organizations, and will be available for research use.
Use this API to upload data to the CDSR. Additional information on the API is provided below.

Basic Syntax


Functionality: Ingest data into dart system.

Method: POST





{ <header elements> },


{ <CDS registry data> }



201 – Created : If the data is ingested into dart db successfully

200 – OK : If the data is updated successfully

400 – Bad request : Data is not ingested into dart db (Possible reasons include bad request format and internal processing error in server)

Required Data Elements

DartHeader: Required for the CDR registry to identify data. If any of the following elements are missing in the request, the data won’t be updated into the database and client will receive a 400-Bad request response.

Embed image: CDS Registry JSON Data Elements.png

Payload: Any valid json format (Expected CDS registry data here)


Sample Request – Empty payload (API Return will be 201-Created)


Content-Type: application/json


  "dartheader": {

    "partnerid": "ndsc",

    "appid": "dart",

    "dartprojectid": "479",

    "projectname": "cms demo",

    "programdartid": "29",

    "programname": "cdsr",

    "mediatype": "csv",

    "objecttype": "registry_data",

    "headertype": "cdsregistry",

    "id": "541eae10-150d-4135-a85d-9ac98e734055",

   "creationdate": "2015-10-28t20:17:56.487z",

    "modificationdate": "2015-10-28t20:17:56.487z",

    "versionno": "1",

    "programspecificdata": {

      "providertype": "fp",

      "dsn": "12236",

      "npifp": "1000203",

      "datefurnishedservice": "2015-10-28t20:17:56.487z",

      "subscriberid": "1002330"



  "payload": {}


Registry APIs

The ACR National Radiology Data Registry (NRDR) helps facilities benchmark outcomes and process-of-care measures and develop quality improvement programs. Several NRDR registries accept data through ACRConnect APIs. 

Lung Cancer Screening Registry

The ACR Lung Cancer Screening Registry (LCSR) can receive data through ACR Connect. CMS has approved LCSR to enable providers to meet quality reporting requirements for Medicare CT lung cancer screening payment.

API documentation describes the data model, data elements, data exchange architecture between the partner and NRDR, and the JSON schema for LCSR exam data.
Download API

Physician Quality Reporting System

CMS has approved NRDR as a Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR) for the Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS). PQRS receives data through ACRConnect APIs.

Vendors or participating facilities can use the API to upload data to the PQRS registry. Information on PQRS describes the data model, data elements, data exchange architecture between the partner and NRDR, and the JSON schema for the PQRS data.
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General Radiology Improvement Database

GRID collects and aggregates information about imaging facilities to establish quality improvement benchmarks. Facilities and physicians can compare turnaround times, patient wait times, incident rates and many other process and outcome measures with other facilities and practices of similar size and type.

Vendors or participating facilities use this API during the routine interpretation of current images. After submitting practice data to the ACR, the group chair or medical director can access the reports online.
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