RLI Programs and Training

Executive-Level Training

The Radiology Leadership Institute® (RLI) equips executive-level radiology leaders with the skills needed to meet the challenges of a changing health care paradigm. Programs enable senior radiology leaders to share and learn from each other to leverage best practices and gain the knowledge to address new service requirements and reimbursement models.


2023 ACR-RBMA Practice Leadership Forum

The premier practice leadership conference in radiology, this conference offers practical management strategies, tailored for a radiology environment. You will learn how to boost your practice performance, align your business operations with new health care models and promote a value-based mindset within your team.  
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Power Hour Webinar Series

Don’t miss the high-impact webinar series for expert insights that will help you address complex health care challenges with confidence and be better prepared to step into new leadership roles.
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RLI Summit

The RLI Summit is the only leadership training program in radiology that is designed in collaboration with business school experts that combines the best business theories and research on how to improve your practices and departments.

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