Lung Cancer Screening

Case Studies

Screening in Underserved Communities

A mobile unit brings lung cancer screening to remote areas of West Virginia.
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Lung Screening Solutions

North Dakota radiologists collaborate with referring physicians to administer lung CT screening for high-risk patients.
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Lung Screening in an Urban Setting

Radiologists in the Bronx lead a lung cancer screening program targeting an underserved, high-risk urban population.
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Early Detection Matters

Radiologists in Michigan collaborate with administrators and care partners to develop a successful lung cancer screening clinic and enhance population health.
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A Proactive Role for Radiology

In partnership with referring PCPs, radiologists in Boston built a life-saving lung cancer screening program for high-risk patients across their hospital network.
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Breathe Easier

Indiana radiologists work alongside care partners to create a successful lung cancer screening program that addresses a population health need.
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Standardized Findings

Radiologists and referring physicians collaborate to create standardized guidelines for consistently managing incidental findings uncovered through a lung cancer screening program.
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Managing Nodules

Radiologists in North Dakota collaborate with care partners to refine lung nodule recommendations for improved patient management.

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