Bone-Reporting and Data System (Bone-RADS™)

Bone-RADS™ is the product of a diverse committee of experts in musculoskeletal tumor imaging and orthopedic oncology tasked with creating a standardized scoring system, imaging reporting templates, and management recommendations for potentially neoplastic bone lesions. The committee also constructed standardized imaging reporting templates which can be used to evaluate and describe bone lesions seen at radiography, CT, and MRI.

The Bone-RADS scoring system incorporates pertinent radiographic features of bone lesions to assign a numerical score which helps predict the risk of malignancy. Based on this risk assessment, appropriate recommendations for patient management are presented. A review of descriptive terminology including supportive data and evidence basis for the Bone-RADS scoring system and management recommendations can be found in the committee’s ACR White Paper on Potentially Neoplastic Bone Lesions.

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