Call for JACR Papers

In 2020, the journal is taking on the assumptions we all make about radiology, medicine, and patient care. In the Provocative Issue, we’ll dive into topics like how we train radiologists, the economics of turf disputes, and the future of patient care.

And we want your manuscripts! If you have an idea that challenges the status quo, we want to hear about it. This issue promises to continue the JACR’s commitment to publishing a diverse set of evidence and perspectives.

Proposal deadline: Jan. 31, 2020

The Details

  • Proposals should fit with the journal’s scope: health services research & policy, clinical practice management, data science, training & education, and leadership.
  • Original research articles involving data analyses will be prioritized over commentaries, but proposals for all manuscript types are welcome.
  • The proposal should include: 2-3 sentence concept proposal with a list of planned co-authors and evidence of expertise on the proposal topic.
  • Submit proposals via e-mail to JACR deputy editor, Christoph I. Lee, MD, MS.
  • If accepted, the deadline for submission is May 15, 2020 (if proposal is accepted).
  • Print issue will appear January 2021.
  • Please note that the manuscript will still undergo peer review, and acceptance of a concept proposal is not a guarantee of manuscript acceptance. However, there is a higher acceptance rate with pre-approved proposals for special issues.