We are now accepting submissions for the ACR Annual Meeting in May 2023
Submit your artwork via the following form: https://app.smartsheet.com/b/form/78aa34a562284d5f94428704b99c872f

Radiologists Sharing Art at ACR 2022:  Health, Wellness, and Art

The PFCC Education Committee is proud to present radiologists’ art reflecting the theme of Health and Wellness.

In addition to the slideshows below, take advantage of a few coloring pages created from radiologist art.  Research has shown that coloring relaxes the mind and helps individuals be present in the moment. This activity demonstrates health and wellness at a business meeting in a fun new way. Click on the link to download a very special version of artists pieces that we deemed perfect to this activity.

RadArt In The News

Coloring Pages (.pdf images)

  Birds & Flower Coloring Page          Rhino Coloring Page

  Fish Coloring Page


2022 Art Slideshow Submissions











ACR 2021: Rad Art, Beyond the Black & White: An Exposure of Radiologists’ Expression

The PFCC Education Committee is proud to present our program sharing art created by radiologists from the 2021 ACR Annual Meeting.

Art levels the playing field for people from different cultures and backgrounds and offers diverse perceptions. It makes all of us more humanistic and diminishes feelings of burnout and stress. Art also supports patient- and family-centered care by enhancing communication skills and overcoming barriers through changing the culture in healthcare settings to be more supportive and humane.

By sharing these works we hope to:
  • Engage members in meaningful conversations about radiology culture.
  • Promote wellness.
  • Build stronger advocates for our profession.
  • Foster stronger member relationships.