Population Health Management Recorded Webinar

Radiology's Central Role in Patient Screening Program Success 

Please join Population Health Management (PHM) leaders from the ACR for a webinar about how radiology practices can employ image-based screening to deliver quality patient care and meet strategic health system needs. Learn how the value of high-quality radiologic care can be recognized as a key component in improving patient health, and how screening — particularly within the context of breast imaging, CT colonography, and lung cancer screening — can help improve the well-being of all patient populations, especially those in underserved communities.

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Learning Objectives

After completing this activity, the participant should be better able to:

  • Identify how institutions (both private and academic) can utilize image-based screening to achieve success in different risk-sharing Alternative Payment Models.
  • Recognize how image-based screening can result in higher patient volume for client hospitals or hospital systems.
  • Describe the challenges involved in setting up a lung cancer screening program, including financial and logistical hurdles for implementation.
  • Explain how radiologists can work with local communities and regions to drive population health management via screening adoption.


Headshot of Dr. Zaidi

Syed Zaidi, MD, MBA

Associate Chief Medical Officer of Integrations, Radiology Partners


Headshot of Dr. Brewington

Cecelia Brewington, MD

Chief of Community Radiology
Vice Chair, Clinical Operations
Professor of Radiology
UT Southwestern Medical Center

Lauren Golding, MD

Chair, ACR MACRA Committee
Chair, ACR Commission on Ultrasound
Director of Outpatient Imaging, Triad Radiology Associates, PLLC
Debra Dyer_190x188

Debra Dyer, MD, FACR

Chair, ACR Lung Cancer Screening 2.0 Steering Committee
Chair, Department of Radiology, National Jewish Health

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