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Episode 18: Theresa C. McLoud, MD, FACR

Leading the Way

February 20, 2020

Listen in to this episode with Theresa C. McLoud, MD, FACR, Vice Chair for Education and radiology residency Program Director at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH). In Leading the Way, McLoud discusses her trailblazing journey from medical school at McGill University to becoming the first woman appointed to serve as section chief in the department of radiology at MGH. She also went on to hold the rank of full professor at Harvard University. As a past president of the Radiologic Society of North America, the American Roentgen Ray Society and the Society of Thoracic Imaging, Dr. McLoud talks about her approach to leading such large societies (hint: listening!) as well as her thoughts on why the international community has consistently turned to her to serve as Program Chair for all four World Congress of Thoracic Imaging programs. In this conversation she shares how mentors and sponsors have been instrumental in her career, her thoughts on a changing resident curriculum and teaching methodologies and her passion for the opera..

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The following episode is sponsored by the Master of Medical Management program at Carnegie Mellon University, which provides physicians with quantitative management, business strategy, and technology skills for the future of health care leadership.

Theresa C. McLoud, MD, FACR

Boston native, Dr. McLoud received her BS degree from Boston College. After obtaining her MD degree from the McGill University Faculty of Medicine in Montreal, she completed a thoracic imaging fellowship at the Yale University School of Medicine and soon became an assistant professor of diagnostic radiology at Yale. In 1976, she returned to Boston and joined Harvard Medical School where she has been professor of radiology since 1993. Dr. McLoud is the first woman in the department of Radiology at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston to hold the rank of professor at Harvard.

Dr. McLoud served as the Division Head of Thoracic radiology from 1982-2001 and she is currently Vice Chair for Education in the department of Radiology and the incumbent Manorama and Virender Saini Endowed Chair in Radiology Education. 

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Did you know?

Dr. McCloud shares: I do not have children but I am close to my two nephews. Malcolm is a lawyer in New York and works for George Soros Open Society Foundation, which supports the development of vibrant and open democracies throughout the world. My younger nephew Paul was a fighter pilot for the US Navy for many years but has since entered private life managing a small business enterprise with his wife Gina in Houston, TX.

In my spare time, I enjoy classical music and opera. For several years, I have subscribed to the Metropolitan Opera House and enjoy six or seven operas a year with a friend. I subscribe to the Boston Symphony Orchestra concerts as well. I am an avid reader with a special preference for history and current events. Travel is my major passion!! I have visited over 20 countries and I have learned to appreciate a wide spectrum of cultures and the natural beauty of so many habitats from Mongolia to Chile!

I love restaurant dining and prefer French and Italian cuisine with fine wine (preference for French wines from Burgundy and Bordeaux).

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