Leadership Essentials

Impactful training for residents and fellows


Backed by RLI’s steadfast commitment to empowering radiology’s future leaders, the RLI Leadership Essentials program provides impactful training for residents and fellows in the leadership and non-interpretive skills most relevant to early-career success.

Chaired by Ann Jay, MD and Ryan Peterson, MD, this comprehensive live and online program presents a focused curriculum on topics such as contracts and negotiations, rookie leadership, and personal finance.

From September – December 2023, two topics will be covered each month. Participants will be asked to view a 30–45 minute recorded lecture in advance of a live Q&A session with RLI faculty.

A live Q&A session will be held each month with two faculty. Dates will vary. Please see below for specific dates and times:


Live Q&A Dates

  • September: Wednesday, September 20, Noon ET
  • October: Wednesday, October 18, Noon ET
  • November: Wednesday, November 15, Noon ET
  • December: Wednesday, December 13, Noon ET

Watch this on-demand lecture, Bringing Awareness to Unconscious Bias, led by Carolyn C. Meltzer, MD, FACR, to learn how to identify and acknowledge your own hidden biases, engage in practices to overcome them, and emerge as a leader in radiology

Monthly topic schedule:

From September – December 2023, two topics will be covered each month. Participants will view a pre-recorded lecture, additional resources, and then participate in a live, 30-minute Q&A session with faculty. 

2023 Topics


Rookie Leadership
Richard Duszak, MD, FACR, FSIR, FRBMA

Many residents believe they cannot assume leadership responsibilities without a formal title, but some of the most effective leaders are the ones who lead in a grassroots manner. During this session, residents will identify their inner strengths and unique opportunities that can complement traditional organizational leadership.

Effective Communications That Drive Success
Jamlik-Omari Johnson, MD, FASER

Everyone faces challenges and difficult interactions throughout their career. In this session, residents will have the opportunity to discuss the basics of communication in the workplace, what challenges you can expect to come across and how to appropriately handle them as a professional.


Social and Emotional Intelligence: Their Role in Successful Workplace Relationships
Jessica B. Robbins, MD

What is social and emotional intelligence and how can it be used to improve our relationships in the workplace? This session will help you discover what it is, why it matters, and how to incorporate it into your daily practice as a radiologist.

Mentorship: Why It's Important and How to Make the Most of It
Jean Jeudy, MD

Residency is a great time to learn from the experiences and decisions of others in your field. That's why we encourage all residents to take advantage of the mentorship opportunities available to them. This session focuses on how to find the right mentor fit, understand what you need in a mentor, and how to make the most out of your mentoring relationship.


 Personal Finance: Why It Matters and How to Make the Most of It 
Kurt A. Schoppe, MD

Personal finance is important for both personal and professional well-being. We easily overlook the value of taking care of ourselves as we work on our professional careers and focus on our patients. In this session, we are going to explore the basics of personal finance, how our finances relate to both burnout and professional success, and outline a plan to correct any deficiencies we may discover.

Reframing Work-Life Integration
Jennifer W. Uyeda, MD

Struggling to find work-life balance as a resident? Not sure how to best manage your schedule? This session provides a variety of tips and tricks to help you make the most out of your time and set yourself up for success early on in your career.


Optimizing Your Professional Brand with Social Media
Darel E. Heitkamp, MD

This session covers the essentials of leveraging social media to amplify your professional brand. Participants should come away from this session with an understanding of who might benefit from social media branding, its particular strengths and limitations, techniques for getting started, and pitfalls.

Making Yourself Indispensable
Harprit Bedi, MD

We want to help you set yourself apart from your peers. This session focuses on how each of the topics covered in this program provide unique value and help you make yourself indispensable in residency and throughout your entire career.

* Faculty and schedule subject to change

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Residency Programs

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Course Chairs

Ann K. Jay, MD

Vice Chair of Education
Chief, Neuroradiology Division
Clinical Radiology and Otolaryngology
MedStar Georgetown University Hospital

Ryan B. Peterson, MD

Assistant Professor, Division of Neuroradiology
Associate Program Director, Diagnostic Radiology Residency
Department of Radiology and Imaging Sciences
Emory University School of Medicine


Harprit Bedi, MD

Harprit Bedi, MD


Richard Duszak, MD, FACR, FRBMA

Professor and Chair
Department of Radiology
University of Mississippi School of Medicine

Darel E. Heitkamp, MD

Jean Jeudy, MD

Jean Jeudy, MD

Jamlik-Omari Johnson, MD, FASER

Jessica B. Robbins, MD

Kurt A. Schoppe, MD

Kurt Schoppe, MD

Radiology Associates of North Texas

Jennifer W. Uyeda, MD