RLI Resident Milestones Program

Economics and the Physician’s Role in Health Care Systems
September 5, 2023 - March 29, 2024

The RLI Resident Milestones Program: Economics and the Physician Role in Health Care Systems provides a unique, interactive experience for residents to gain knowledge of radiology health care economics and at the same time,  helps satisfy the ACGME's Physician Role in Health Care Systems sub-competency (part of the Systems-Based Practice competency) requirement. 

Developed by the Radiology Leadership Institute, health care economics experts, and residency program directors, the program delivers nationally recognized experts and seasoned practitioners to provide residents with a state-of-the-art, modern educational experience. Leveraging current educational techniques, the program aims to deepen residents’ knowledge of a rapidly changing radiology health care landscape.

Key Features

  • Turn-key for program directors
  • Designed to help satisfy the ACGME's Physician Role in Health Care Systems sub-competency (part of the Systems-Based Practice competency)
  • Carefully planned to work with busy resident schedules
  • Blended and Interactive program design optimizes learning experience

A Unique, Engaging Program

The RLI Resident Milestones Program focuses on collaborative and active learning. It is at the forefront of our design.

The specific curriculum was developed to take residents’ learning experience beyond basic and passive learning of reading articles and watching recorded lectures. Instead, it utilizes such activities to introduce residents to the general concepts to prepare them for greater participation and the experiential learning components of the program.

This interactivity promotes a deeper learning and a more comprehensive understanding of the key health care economics concepts. Residents are better prepared to effectively apply what they learn as they move forward in their careers.


For questions, please contact the RLI at rli@acr.org


Schedule at a Glance

The timeline and schedule are developed with residents' busy schedules in mind. While each block spans two months, each resident can anticipate spending 5-6 hours of his or her time on completing the necessary work for each block.

Taking place over the course of seven months (September to March), the program is divided into five blocks.

  Timeframe Dates for the 2023-2024 program are below. Specific Block dates are pending. 

  • Block A: September - October 2023
  • Block B: October - November 2023
  • Block C: December 2023 - January 2024
  • Block D: January - February 2024
  • Block E: February - March 2024


How the Program Works

The program is organized into five blocks to address the five levels. During each block, residents complete four interactive components to ensure deep learning and comprehensive understanding of the topics and their practical application in today’s radiology reality.

  1. Pre/Self-Directed Learning. Residents are introduced to the topic through a series of self-paced activities such as videos, articles and related content to be studied on her or his own schedule.
  2. Local Activity and Small Group Learning. Building on the pre-learning, residents work together at their home institution to participate in a local activity and small group discussions led by local faculty who help the residents gain a deeper understanding of the topic and its application in today’s health care market. Residents from each program then prepare a deliverable based on the information and data gathered during the activity.
  3. Cross-Institutional Live Group Webinars. Residents present their deliverable in a cross-institutional webinar with 4-5 other programs. Facilitated by an RLI subject matter expert, an in-depth discussion follows to ensure that residents both know about the topic as well as understand its relevance to practice.
  4. Assessments. Assessments will be done at the end of each block to measure competency and participation of each resident in order to provide the maximum value to each program that participates.

Program Chair: Ryan K. Lee, MD, MBA


Melissa Chen, MD
Ryan K. Lee, MD, MBA
Lauren Nicola, MD, FACR
Kurt Schoppe, MD
Colin Segovis, MD, PhD

While the majority of this program is done online or facilitated by RLI faculty, we do ask each institution to identify someone to serve as a local faculty. This local faculty will help facilitate the local activity and discussion associated with each block. RLI faculty will provide a comprehensive guide to the local faculty in order to provide questions and helpful information as to what needs to be addressed for each local component.

The price for this program is $200 per resident with a minimum of four residents per program. The ACR is committed to offering top-quality yet affordable training to residents and is supporting this program to help ensure the next generation of radiologists are prepared to enter the field of radiology.

To learn more please contact the RLI at rli@acr.org