September 10, 2020

Changes to ACR Accreditation Programs

The ACR® Accreditation programs are constantly evolving to help you keep up with the latest quality and safety guidelines and deliver the best care possible. Here are several recent accreditation program updates of note:

  • Virtual Site Visits. In response to the COVID-19 crisis, Radiation Oncology accreditation and the Diagnostic Imaging Center of Excellence program are now performing virtual site visits to ensure continuous operation of these important programs to our facilities.
  • MR Accreditation Updates. The MR accreditation team has updated guidance on staffing and safe practices in the General Personnel Requirements: Supervising Physicians article. The guidance indicates that in addition to being in compliance with all modality-specific requirements for interpreting physicians, the supervising physician is also responsible for the development, implementation and enforcement of policies and procedures regarding the compliance with the ACR Manual on MR Safety (previously known as the ACR Guidance Document on MR Safe Practices: 2013).
    Questions about MR staffing levels and MR accreditation prompted an update to the article to note: Staffing is not directly evaluated during the ACR MR Accreditation review. However, if there is a question of inadequate staffing or safe practices of an ACR-accredited facility, the ACR reserves the right to request a response from the facility to ensure appropriate safety procedures are being followed and performed at that facility.
  • Ultrasound Accreditation: Female Pelvis Exam. A recent update to the ACR Ultrasound Accreditation Program requirements for the female pelvis exam includes clarification that complete documentation of the ovaries must include at least two longitudinal and at least two transverse gray scale images of each ovary. Access this article about Exam Requirements: Gynecological Ultrasound for more information.
  • New accreditation process flowcharts and checklists. Check out each accreditation modality web page for a convenient accreditation process flowchart for new and renewing facilities, along with a printable checklist for each step of the accreditation process.

Learn more about ACR Accreditation programs and how they can help you demonstrate to your patients, payers and referring physicians that you are committed to providing the safest and best quality care possible.