The ACR Awards and Honors Committee may annually make recommendations to the Board of Chancellors of up to three individuals for the Distinguished Achievement Award. The award is to be given in recognition of highly notable service to the College and the profession or in recognition of other action or achievement on the part of an individual that reflects in a uniquely favorable manner on the College and the profession of radiology.

Eligibility for the ACR Distinguished Achievement Award shall include individuals who deserve significant recognition by the College, but who do not rise to the level of the Gold Medal. Other leaders in radiologic technology or nursing, statisticians, leaders of other medical organizations, as well as leaders in business management, legislators, philanthropists, authors and media representatives are also be eligible for the award.

The award is to be presented at the ACR Annual Meeting. Nominations are to be submitted in writing by any member of the College.

2015  Donald F. Lavanty, JD 
Mary Jane Donahue 
2017  Pamela A. Wilcox, RN, MBA