September 15, 2020

RO Corner: Recap of the Resident and Young Physician Leadership Summit

By Edina Wang, MD, radiation oncology resident at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital and ACR RFS RO Representative

Screen shot of Zoom meeting with people waving to the camera

The ACR held a Resident and Young Physician Leadership Summit in September. It was the program’s first virtual event and included key professional development topics for residents, fellows, and young professionals, including career management, leadership skills, and design thinking and innovation in radiology. Many of these presentations also included content applicable to radiation oncology.

The speakers included Cheri Canon, MD, Frank Lexa, MD, Lawrence Muroff, MD, and Alexander Norbash, MD. They discussed pertinent topics including a design-based approach to future innovations and contrasting and comparing individual examples of radiology innovation with design-thinking approaches. The speakers also discussed leadership development and understanding how the role of leaders in healthcare continues to change. One consideration brought up by a speaker included understanding the different perspectives between generations in leadership and learning to engage in a matrix organizational structure where individuals might report to one or more members of the group/organization. Skills development for successful leadership were discussed, including developing a growth mindset and exercising emotional intelligence.

Panelists also provided advice in terms of career success in transitioning from training to the “real world.” Some tips provided for job success included finding ways to be an invaluable member of the team and having specific strengths and skills. Academic and private practices may be interested in traits including, but not limited to, work ethic, cognitive skills, teamwork, and roundedness. One tip discussed for developing a satisfying career included defining goals and what is personally rewarding. A speaker discussed trying out different ideas while still in training and that it is possible that personal interests may shift over time depending on circumstances. Finally, the last presentation prior to the Q&A focused on the employment agreement (contract) between a group and its members, as well as common clauses that are typically seen in such contracts.

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