September 13, 2023

Updating the ACR Practice Parameters and Technical Standards Process

The ACR® Practice Parameters and Technical Standards (PP&TS) program is changing its comment and approval process to better serve members.

The updated PP&TS writing and approval process will incorporate new technologies plus two key member-centered initiatives: Solicitation of ACR member review/comments on drafts or revisions during field review and discussion prior to presenting the documents for approval at the annual meeting. Here are dates and processes for these two initiatives:

Field Review: Aug. 21–Oct. 6. Starting this year, the draft PP&TS documents are all available simultaneously for comment over the course of seven weeks, instead of being spread out over four separate cycles. Field review is the last opportunity to make changes to the PP&TS prior to presenting them at the 2024 ACR Annual Meeting.

Virtual Consideration: March 12 and March 14. The updated process will also move the ACR leadership’s initial consideration of the PP&TS documents from the annual meeting to virtual meetings scheduled approximately one month prior to the in-person annual meeting. The virtual discussions will take place during two evening meetings, March 12 and March 14, 7–9:30pm ET. Learn more about the virtual PP&TS review.

The PP&TS workgroup encourages all members with questions, comments or concerns to reach out to to make your voice heard.