March 03, 2023

ACR Learning Network Updates

The ACR® Learning Network pursues improvement in diagnostic imaging care through a learning health systems approach characterized by strong leadership, effective use of data in the clinical setting and both a culture and a workforce committed to continuous learning and improvement. In this article, you will gain insights from our first cohort of collaborative learners, see the facilities participating in cohort 2 and learn how to join cohort 3.

Commemorative Brochure Features Cohort 1 Insights

More than 20 facilities across four improvement collaboratives (lung cancer screening, mammography positioning, recommendations follow-up and prostate MR) made up the first cohort of the learning network. Throughout the program, facility teams charted their course of improvement using clinical data and shared their improvement strategies and results with others in the same collaborative.

A new ACR Learning Network commemorative brochure documents the launch of an initiative that brought together hundreds of individuals across the country to focus on strategies to improve difficult problems in diagnostic imaging. The brochure describes the goals and structure of the program and the role of the ACR Impower Program that guides participants through a structured improvement process.

The brochure also provides an opportunity to present the reflections of participants from sites that stepped forward to participate in the first cohort of the improvement collaborative. A common theme voiced among cohort 1 participants is that the experience not only helped them make strides in the particular problem posed by each improvement collaborative, but also instilled a new process for tackling other problems.

Thank you to the many improvement collaborative participants who offered their perspectives!

Cohort 2 Sites to Soon Begin Their Improvement Journey

The ACR is pleased to announce the 20 sites selected to participate in cohort 2 of the improvement collaborative. These teams will soon begin building on the problem-solving progress achieved by cohort 1.

Visit the individual improvement collaborative pages below to see which sites will be carrying the problem-solving work forward.

Applications Now Open for Cohort 3

Interested in participating in an improvement collaborative? Get started now to determine which collaborative would be most meaningful for your practice and, when ready, complete the application. Applications to participate in cohort 3 will be accepted through May 22, 2023, with pre-program training starting on Aug. 28, 2023.