Download Imaging 3.0 Icons

The Imaging 3.0 icon was developed as a way to label and signify a product, program, practice, event, website, etc., as one that follows the Imaging 3.0 process.

The icon is available to ACR members and others in radiology who wish to symbolize their engagement in moving the field forward to redefine and reemphasize radiology’s vital role in health care delivery and emerging payment models.

Symbol Variations and Color Specifications

The Imaging 3.0 icon is available in two color combinations. Do not mix and match colors, or alter the logos in any way. The symbol should not be used to create a new symbol in combination with the ACR brand, ACR sub-brands or any other brandmark. The ACR uses the icon in various communication materials and websites.

Each icon has a recommended use. These recommended uses are not absolute. Please use what is best suited for your project.

Icon 1 – recommended for web use




Icon 2 - recommended for print use



How Not to Use the Logo

You may not scale the logo unless it is done proportionately. The logo may not be smaller than 45.975 px wide and 32.707 px tall. At all sizes the logo must have at least 10px of white space at each side.

Minimum size

No scaling unless proportional

At least 10px white space on each side

 noSmaller noScaling