Ezequiel “Zeke” Silva III, MD, FACR, FRBMA, Keynote Speaker for the American College of Radiology® (ACR®)-Radiology Business Management Association (RBMA) Practice Leaders Forum, contributed this post.

I have the privilege to deliver both the opening and closing sessions during the 2022 ACR-RBMA Practice Leaders Forum, now being held virtually, on Jan. 21 and 22. As immediate Past-Chair of the ACR Commission on Economics and current Chair of the American Medical Association RVS Update Committee, also known as the RUC, I have relevant experience and perspective to share. But, equally important, I have a lot to learn from my fellow faculty and attendees.

In preparation for the meeting, I have spoken with almost all of the faculty members to help understand what they will be sharing during their sessions. These conversations, along with what I hear during our two-day journey together, will help shape the thoughts I plan to share with you in three ways.

First, my opening keynote will set a foundation, challenging us to revisit who we are and the makeup of the systems in which we function, make decisions and influence policy. My discussion will center on three basic tenets: democracy, independence and corporate principles. I will provide examples of where these principles have guided successful and lasting outcomes in the past for our society, profession and practices.

Second, I will listen carefully to each of the lectures and consider how the principles from my opening apply to the content presented. For instance, how are challenges from the past different from the problems of the present? Do strategies successful in the past still work today, or is it time to adapt? How these principles apply locally and nationally may be different, but are they complementary?

Finally, I will conclude the meeting with an open discussion. As I write this blog, I have no prepared comments for the closing. Instead, my comments will be informed by what I hear during the ACR-RBMA Practice Leaders meeting. It is possible that our collective thoughts, ideas and forecasts will be the same as when we arrived. More likely, however, they will change. There may even be an opportunity to craft questions for us to ponder as we head back to our practices. Some questions may be worthy of revisiting at the 2023 ACR-RBMA Practice Leaders Forum.

I’m looking forward to our journey together. As with all meaningful journeys, the path we take and the challenges we face are uncertain at the outset, but the value of participation is unquestionable.

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