Executive Committee

The Executive Committee carries out the business of the College between regular meetings of the Board of Chancellors. It reports on its activities at each regular board meeting.

The Executive Committee is made up of the chair and the vice-chair of the Board of Chancellors, the president, the vice-president, the secretary-treasurer, the speaker and vice-speaker of the Council, and two additional chancellors.

Governance Documents

ACR Executive Committee

Howard Fleishon, MD, FACR

Howard B. Fleishon, MD, MMM, FACR

Chair, Board of Chancellors

Jacqueline A. Bello, MD, FACR

Vice Chair, Board of Chancellors
Beverly G. Coleman, MD, FACR

Beverly G. Coleman, MD, FACR

ACR President

James V. Rawson, MD, FACR

ACR Vice President

Dana H. Smetherman, MD, MPH, MBA, FACR


Amy Kotsenas, MD, FACR

Timothy Crummy, MD, FACR

Timothy A. Crummy, MD, FACR

Vice Speaker
Mary C. Mahoney, MD, FACR

Mary C. Mahoney, MD, FACR


Andrew Moriarity, MD


Robert Pyatt Jr., MD, FACR

How Does the ACR Work?


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With so many initiatives going on at once, the College needs a well-defined, streamlined structure that is well representative of its diverse constituency. But who does what, how do the different parts of the ACR fit together, and how are you represented in this structure?