September 13, 2023

Meet New Amis Fellows for Quality and Safety

Sponsored by the ACR® Commission on Quality and Safety, the E. Stephen Amis, Jr., MD, Fellowship in Quality and Safety provides an opportunity for up to three radiology or radiation oncology residents to discover insights and gain experience with the ACR Department of Quality and Safety. Here are some insights from our newly selected 2023 Amis Fellows.

Claire Baniel, MD
Stanford University, Resident Physician (Radiation Oncology)

“I chose radiation oncology as a career because I wanted to be there for cancer patients as they navigate a difficult time in their lives. Radiation treatment involves advanced technologies and the coordination of multiple team members across different specialties; it is technically challenging to deliver and scary for many patients who find themselves undergoing treatment. Therefore, ensuring the highest quality of care and patient safety is pivotal to excellent treatment delivery, outcomes and survivorship. My goal for the pursuit of a career in quality and safety is to help as many patients as possible achieve excellent treatment outcomes and positive experiences navigating their cancer journey.

I am passionate about quality and safety education, because I have seen firsthand the powerful lens it provides multidisciplinary teams to navigate complex problems and the opportunities it creates for continuous improvement. The E. Stephen Amis, Jr., MD Fellowship will teach me the tools I need to empower care teams to provide the highest standard of care through the creation of a culture of safety, as well as help other residents and students find a passion for quality improvement in radiology and oncology.”

Ali Khader, MD
Lahey Hospital and Medical Center

“My favorite thing about the realm of quality and safety is how quickly it seeks to adapt to an evolving and technologically advanced climate and create space for innovative problem-solving ideas. We saw this with the COVID-19 pandemic — how rapidly healthcare systems acclimatized to the situation and built measures to ensure quality healthcare for our patients as well as safety for healthcare workers, despite the trying times. Each new point in time brings with it a different set of challenges — and constantly updating resources — that shake up the status quo. Even now, with AI already at our doorsteps, the possibilities are endless as to its utility in simplifying workflows, and most importantly, elevating patient-centered care.

This fellowship will give me a front-row seat to see some of the greatest minds in the Q&S field in action. The valuable lessons gained from this experience will provide me with a deeper understanding of the systems involved in Q&S and insight in creating a work environment geared toward improvement and quality care.”

Pratik V. Rachh, MD, MBA
Emory University, Molecular Imaging in Medicine (Diagnostic Radiology and Nuclear Medicine Resident)

“I have always had the mindset for making things better. Back in India as a doctor, I realized that my capacity to improve lives was limited by the number of patients I see. With a zeal for improvement, I came to the United States for my master's degree in business administration in healthcare management. One thing led to another, and over the next 11 years, I coached multiple improvement teams on microsystems and projects with increased complexity and system-level implications.

I’ve always enjoyed clinical medicine for intellectual stimulation and the satisfaction of improving patient lives. Throughout my decade-long management career in QI, I deeply missed the ability to take care of patients. I am very privileged to now return to clinical practice as a radiology resident.

My long-term goal is to leverage my clinical skills with my expertise in quality improvement to create systems and processes that improve clinical workflow and enhance patient safety. The ACR E. Stephen Amis Jr., MD, Fellowship in Quality and Safety is an incredible opportunity to be exposed to improvement efforts at a national scale and grow my educational portfolio.”

Temitope Soyemi, MD
SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University, Diagnostic Radiology Resident, Chief Resident (Quality & Patient Safety)

“Ever since my exposure to the patient safety and quality improvement curriculum during my internal medicine intern year, I decided to carefully choose my healthcare providers because quality healthcare matters indeed, and most times affect a patient’s outcome. As a healthcare provider, I have often asked myself how to make a difference and what my contributions would be in making my institution a desired place for healthcare services. In what ways can radiologists and imaging service providers offer quality services and promote patient safety in their communities?

This quest so far has channeled my path in seeking healthcare quality improvement opportunities, knowledge and training on how we can improve systems in order to decrease human error. The challenges, of course, appear enormous, but I believe every effort takes us a step closer to that goal. I am grateful that the ACR E. Stephen Amis, Jr., MD, Fellowship award will give me an opportunity to take a good peek into the quality and safety aspect of radiology. My desire is not only to provide quality care to patients but to also be an ambassador of healthcare, promoting a culture of patient safety and quality improvement.”