September 13, 2023

ACR Learning Network — Introducing Star Sites

To recognize exemplary performance of ACR® Learning Network facilities, we are pleased to introduce Star Sites — facilities that go above and beyond by demonstrating meaningful improvement and sustained performance. Star Sites also remain actively engaged in the community by submitting performance data as well as mentoring and supporting facilities that are just starting their improvement journey in the ACR ImPower Program.

Successful completion of the ACR ImPower Program signifies that a facility has made measurably significant improvement in advancing diagnostic imaging care in at least one ACR Learning Network Improvement Collaborative. Team members who meet this milestone all share a common experience using improvement tools and processes proven to be effective in solving difficult clinical problems. For more information, read the Cohort 1 commemorative brochure.

We encourage graduates of the ACR ImPower Program to capitalize on their team’s improvement momentum and join the ACR Learning Network community. Learning network participants continue to receive and provide support to others working to solve the same collaborative-specific problem. These individuals engage with an ever-increasing group of improvement-minded people who are serving as mentors for future cohorts and working to sustain and improve upon their performance gains. Within the network, members continue to share their strategies, progress and data.

Learn more about Star Sites.

ACR Learning Network | Apply for Cohort 3

Submit your application now to join Cohort 3 in one of the four improvement collaboratives in the ACR Learning Network. Join the teams of improvers who are tackling challenges in cancer imaging and grow your skill set in problem solving while sharing strategies with others working on the same problem. Applications received by Sept. 29 will receive priority consideration.

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