September 20, 2022

Coming Soon: New MR Safety Manual

MR safety continues to evolve and, in response, the ACR Committee on MR Safety is working on a new ACR Manual on MR Safety with updates to address numerous MR safety-related topics and critical new information such as:

  • Complete reorganization of the manual into a chapter-like format with updated references.
  • Updated MR safety personnel training levels and responsibility guidance.
  • Updated staffing guidance, including remote scanning.
  • Reorganization of information involving staff/personnel screening, patient screening, screening with ferromagnetic detectors, risk identification and gowning.
  • Expanded guidance on “full stop/final check” processes.
  • New final patient/subject preparation section.
  • Updated material addressing specific MRI fields and safety concerns.
  • Reorganization of information involving devices, objects, equipment and implants, including recommendations of pocketless scrubs for personnel to mitigate projectile risk and tethering of external equipment in Zone III/Zone IV.
  • New emergency response section (formerly included in the MR Environment section).
  • Reorganization of information involving special patient population considerations, including new guidance for obese patients.
  • New guidance on point-of-care MRI systems.
  • New MR Risk Assessment Appendix as it pertains to management of patients with implanted devices.
  • New Spatial Field Gradient Evaluation Appendix.
  • New and additional figures throughout the manual to enhance important topics.
  • “Key Points” boxes in each section for a quick visual of the important elements in each section.

The updated ACR Manual on MR Safety is expected to be released in fall 2022 and will replace all earlier versions of the ACR Guidance Document on MR Safe Practices.