June 13, 2023

ACR 2023: Update on Practice Parameters and Technical Standards

From May 6 to 10, attendees from across the country attended the ACR® 2023 Annual Meeting. The conference prioritized ACR governance activities, including:

In case you missed it, visit the meeting page to access meeting materials, watch on-demand recordings, see election results and more.

ACR Practice Parameters and Technical Standards

There were 37 resolutions presented at the meeting, with nine policies and 28 revised PP&TS approved, including:

  • ACR–ACNM–ARS–ASTRO–SNMMI Practice Parameter for the Performance of Therapy with Radiopharmaceuticals.
  • ACR Practice Parameter for Radiologist Coverage of Imaging Performed in Hospital Emergency Departments.
  • ACR–SPR Practice Parameter for Imaging Pregnant or Potentially Pregnant Patients with Ionizing Radiation.

New Procedures for PP&TS Field Review and Approval

The Council also approved new procedures related to “2022 Resolution 2: New Process for Comment and Approval of Practice Parameters and Technical Standards,” passed at ACR 2022.

During ACR 2023, Derrick R. Siebert, MD, gave an update on 2022 Resolution 2, regarding new changes to the PP&TS field review and approval process for new and revised PP&TS documents. Under the new process, one field review will be held for all documents presented at the 2024 annual meeting, and open hearings will be held in a virtual setting about a month ahead of that meeting. Changes will remain in place for a minimum of two years.

ACR members can access Dr. Siebert’s presentation to learn more about ACR 2024 field review cycles and the new processes for review and adoption. Or, you can watch the Field Review page for updates.