June 13, 2023

Connecting to DIR Link

More than 30 Dose Index Registry (DIR) participants have fully transitioned from the TRIAD site server to the ACR Connect software system and are actively using DIR Link — the next-generation data transmission application — to send radiation dose information to DIR. Another 45 sites are on the path to active DIR Link use. Thank you to the facility team members who volunteered as early adopters of the enhanced data transmission technology. Your time and commitment will prove invaluable to all DIR participants.

The ACR® team supporting the DIR Link transition project is excited to now ramp up the rollout after discovering and resolving several technological issues and ensuring successful installations at multiple facilities. The team anticipates having DIR Link installed across all NRDR® accounts by the end of the year.

How can your facility get ready to transition?

  • If you haven’t already, complete the DIR Installation Questionnaire, or confirm that someone has completed it for your NRDR account. The questionnaire collects helpful information to support your transition.
  • Confirm that your Corporate Administrator contact information is up to date. The Corporate Administrator is often a key person for connecting the ACR team with the right people, such as IT support and PACS administrators.
  • Discontinue sending secondary capture images. Note that the DIR CT Standardized Dose Index Report can help you pinpoint any scanners still sending secondary capture images.
  • Alert your IT and PACS administrators about the transition and help them prepare for ACR Connect installation with articles from the ACR Connect Knowledge Base, including the Pre-installation Checklist and DIR Link.
  • Contact the team. Submit a ticket to ACR Connect Support.