December 07, 2021

MR Medium Phantom Update

The medium phantom was developed specifically for use in modern phased array head coils and allows sites to acquire phantom images for accreditation and for quality control (QC) with the same coil that is used to acquire most clinical brain images.

Sites will be required to use the largest phantom that fits inside the head coil. While the medium phantom will be required for MR Accreditation Program submissions in these situations, it will not be required for routine technologist QC. While it is strongly recommended that technologist QC is performed using a routine head coil and the appropriate phantom size, facilities should work with their medical physicist(s) or MR scientist(s) to determine which phantom will be used for routine QC.

The ACR is in the final stages of developing the new accreditation database and customer portal, ACRedit Plus. The MR Medium Phantom Option will be available when the new portal is live.

One-Year Grace Period

In order to accommodate facility budget cycles, the ACR will allow a one-year grace period from the release of ACRedit Plus for facilities to purchase the medium phantom and implement the appropriate changes to their QC program, enabling these facilities to acquire phantom images using a head coil that is routinely used for clinical brain imaging on the scanner.

For more information, please see the latest guidance on the Medium Phantom Grace Period.

Medium Phantom Option

MR Large-Medium Phantom Guidance includes the new MR Medium Phantom Option and required QC program changes. LCD limits have been raised for 1.5T to >3T units, using either the medium or large phantom as detailed in the guidance. This update becomes effective upon release of the new ACRedit Plus portal.

The medium phantom order form is available on the MR accreditation webpage. Please direct inquiries regarding medium phantom availability to the manufacturer:

JM Specialty Parts Inc.
Phone: 1-858-794-7200