December 09, 2020

ACR Accreditation Program Updates

The ACR® Accreditation programs are constantly evolving to help you keep up with the latest quality and safety guidelines and deliver the best care possible. Here are several recent accreditation program updates of note.

New Accreditation Flowchart and Checklists

The ACR Accreditation team has developed new flowcharts and a checklist for every modality to help streamline the accreditation experience for facilities. The flowchart gives you a visual representation of the step-by-step process of accreditation from start to finish. The modality checklists are a handy tool to use to make sure you have everything you need for accreditation submission.

Accreditation Flowcharts

Modality Checklists


Breast MRI



Breast ultrasound


Nuclear medicine/PET


Radiation oncology

Ultrasound Accreditation Updates

In our commitment to advocating the highest quality imaging standards, the College initiated important updates to the ACR Ultrasound Accreditation Program.

Updates include requirements for a minimum number of images for certain exam types and changes in exam selection for the gynecological module. Please refer to the Ultrasound Clinical Image Testing page for details.

Before submitting testing items for accreditation review, be sure to carefully review all requirements. If you have any questions, please submit a support ticket and select "Accreditation" for Support Team and "Ultrasound/NM/PET Technical" for Category.

Nuclear Medicine Accreditation Updates

To better assist sites in meeting accreditation image requirements, we have provided a Nuclear Medicine/PET Clinical Image Atlas, which contains example images and tips to help sites reduce errors in testing packet submissions.

For more information, visit the Nuclear Medicine/PET Accreditation page and the Nuclear Medicine/PET support page.