Image IntelliGently™ Pledge

We are formally endorsing the "Image IntelliGently" Campaign led by the American College of Radiology®. We wholeheartedly support the campaign's mission to ensure that AI in radiology is safe, equitable and reliable for children.

We are aligned with the campaign's vision that:

  1. All pediatric patients will have access to clinically useful AI in radiology.
  2. The health of pediatric patients will be improved through the use of AI in radiology.

We recognize the importance of this initiative. As the medical community leans more heavily into the use of AI for various applications, it is imperative that these technologies are not only safe and reliable but also tailored for their specific audiences. It is widely understood that children are not merely small adults; they have unique medical and developmental needs. Thus, AI tools developed for adults may not be suitable or accurate for pediatric patients.

For organizations to further demonstrate their endorsement:

  1. You will provide a link to the "Image IntelliGently" webpage on your official website.
  2. You pledge to promote the safe, equitable and reliable use of AI for medical imaging in children.

In return, we understand that our organization's website will be listed as an endorsing body on the "Image IntelliGently" webpage. This mutual recognition stands as a testament to our shared commitment to advancing the best possible care for children worldwide.

We commend the American College of Radiology for spearheading this vital campaign and pledge our unwavering support.