Imaging 3.0 Presentation Background

We are now in the era of Imaging 3.0 where the practice of radiology is transitioning from volume-based to value-based imaging care. One way ACR members are ensuring the future viability of the field is by sharing knowledge and best practices for aligning with these changes. As part of this effort, ACR has published over 100 Imaging 3.0 case studies to showcase radiologists who are effectively evolving to meet the needs of patients during this transformative time.

Because Imaging 3.0 is a team effort, these presentations repurpose case studies in a way that can be easily plugged into practice, committee, and executive leadership meetings. Since the administrative and business managers of radiology groups frequently set the agenda for regular practice meetings, we hope you will find these slides valuable in helping your members tell the Imaging 3.0 story. The first six slides in this first presentation encompass the content that will be shared during the meeting; the slides in the appendix are meant to enhance the presenter’s understanding of Imaging 3.0.

The ACR has partnered with the AHRA and RBMA to convey this important message of change. Each one of these presentations comes with a script, notes, case study and other resource links, and downloadable slides. The presentations themselves can run 20-25 minutes in length (or longer) depending on how much discussion the presenter allows.

In addition to the appendix items, at the conclusion of the presentation we have provided discussion topics and actionable items to help presenters assess how their practice fits into the Imaging 3.0 framework. For a primer on what Imaging 3.0 entails, please read this JACR article.

Thank you for your willingness to educate radiologists and practice staff members about Imaging 3.0. Please feel free to contact ACR with any questions at