Quick Wins

Value-based programs and tools to implement in your practice today.

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Case Studies

Calming Patients' Fears

A California radiology practice leverages RadiologyInfo.org to ease patients’ anxiety about imaging.
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Learning from Patients

An innovative teaching initiative at Indiana University positions patients to drive care improvements.

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Walk and Talk

Vanderbilt University’s radiology chair champions walking meetings for stronger connections and increased exercise.
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A Direct Line to Radiologists

Radiologists in Colorado are adding their phone numbers to radiology reports, making it easier for referring physicians and patients to reach them for consultation.
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Focus on the Patient

Radiology faculty candidates interview with patients as part of a Minneapolis medical center’s commit-ment to patient-centered care.
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Hello Rounds

A Milwaukee radiologist greets and converses with patients to make them feel more at ease.
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Just a Call Away

Radiologists give referring providers their direct phone numbers, increasing their role as partners in care.
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Mapping Possibilities

Ohio radiologists use an innovative approach to identify the hassles that patients and providers face when interacting with their practice.
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