Leaders in Patient Engagement

The Leaders in Patient Engagement special collection features a selection of case studies from the Imaging 3.0 library that highlight how radiologists are interacting more closely with patients and providing patients with the information they need to make more informed decisions about their care. The collection includes discussion questions and other resources to help radiologists advance their patient engagement efforts.

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Case Studies

Virtually Connected

Radiologists at Massachusetts General Hospital use virtual consults to review findings with patients and PCPs.
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A Direct Line to Radiologists

Radiologists in Colorado are adding their phone numbers to radiology reports, making it easier for referring physicians and patients to reach them for consultation.
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Visual Learning

Radiation oncologists and neuroradiologists collaborate on personalized videos about cancer patients’ specific symptoms and treatment plans to help relieve anxiety.
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Hello Rounds

A Milwaukee radiologist greets and converses with patients to make them feel more at ease.
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Watch and Learn

California radiologists implement patient-facing videos to decrease patient anxiety and physician burnout.
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Redesigning Care

Emory University creates a unique consultative environment to deepen radiology’s role in the provision of patient-centered cancer care.
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Radiologists develop a program that encourages ED patients to follow up on incidental findings.
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