A Challenge For Our Times: Delivering Equitable Care For All

Imaging guides many, if not most, healthcare decisions, and radiologists are critical to the mission of eliminating disparities throughout the health system. This issue highlights some of the many ways that radiologists are advancing this goal.

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Case Studies

Translated for Care

Radiologists create a translation tool that increases efficiency and improves the patient experience for greater health equity.
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Clinical Integration

At an academic medical center, interventional radiologists and neuroradiologists are embedded in patient clinics and collaborating at the point of care.
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Save a Life

At a South Carolina health system, the population health team and radiologists partner on a campaign that has increased breast cancer screenings by 39 percent.

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Advocating for Change

Forging and maintaining relationships with legislators and advocating for patients are tangible ways to provide quality care.
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Lung Screening in an Urban Setting

Radiologists in the Bronx lead a lung cancer screening program targeting an underserved, high-risk urban population.
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Early Detection Matters

Radiologists in Michigan collaborate with administrators and care partners to develop a successful lung cancer screening clinic and enhance population health.
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Q&A: Quality Care for All

Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s department of radiology health equity program addresses barriers to care.
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