Participant Perspectives

Congratulations! The first cohort of teams graduated from the ACR ImPower Program in mid-November 2022 and achieved measurable improvement in one of the ACR Learning Network’s four improvement collaboratives. Well done!

A sampling of perspectives shared by various team members about their experience provides insight into the hard work and rewards of participation.

“Learning to dive deep into root causes to solidify key drivers will allow me to tackle any and all areas of opportunity.”

Lynn Rudin, Cleveland Clinic – Quality Coach, Mammography Positioning Improvement Collaborative

“The program provides you and your project team with skills and tools to use long term. It also gives you the opportunity to network with other groups working towards the same outcome. You have to put in 100% each week and be prepared to tackle challenges, but it is rewarding to build a stronger team and celebrate the fruits of your labor together.”

Anya Johnson, CAPM, Team Leader – Radiology Partners, Recommendations Follow up Improvement Collaborative  

“The ACR Learning Network gives you the opportunity to look at a quality improvement project from a different perspective, sparking creativity, fostering new connections, and learning along the way!”

Carly Zandarski, MBA, RDMS(BR)(OB/GYN), Team Leader – University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Prostate MR Image Quality Improvement Collaborative

“I learned to look beyond my own silo and engage with my team members in radiology as well as across the institution. I most value the relationships I forged during this time, and I’m excited to continue our work to increase lung cancer screening beyond graduation.”

Margaret Lin, MD, Physician Leader - Stanford Health Care, Lung Cancer Screening Improvement Collaborative