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Join Chris Hobson, Senior Communications Manager, Imaging 3.0® at ACR, as he and thought leaders from across the field of radiology explore different facets of patient centered care.


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The Importance of Breast Imaging with Sonya Bholé, MD

September 26, 2023

The Importance of Breast Imaging with Sonya Bholé, MD

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The Importance of Ovarian Cancer Awareness with Aradhana M. Venkatesan, MD

September 19, 2023

Aradhana M. Venkatesan, MD, discusses her work on ovarian cancer screening and how the discipline is evolving.

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The Importance of Colorectal Cancer Screening with Jennifer Kemp, MD, FACR

March 28, 2023

Jennifer Kemp, MD, FACR, discusses the importance of colorectal cancer screening.

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Imaging Anxiety ("Scanxiety") with Amanda Crowell Itliong

January 6, 2023

Patient advocate Amanda Crowell Itliong describes an initiative called "Scanxiety" that serves to help alleviate patient anxiety around imaging.

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Patient-friendly animated videos with Nina S. Vincoff, MD

October 25, 2022

Nina S. Vincoff, MD, describes a new series of patient-friendly animated videos and their value to referring providers and patients.

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Patient Advocacy with Amanda Crowell Itliong

November 9, 2021

Amanda Crowell Itliong discusses the opportunities associated with radiologists working with patient advocates.

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