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July 2023

July 2023 cover for the Bulletin

In This Issue

  • Centennial Celebration

    In five days packed full of activities, the College acknowledged a century of excellence and set the scene for the next 100 years of accomplishments.
  • President's Address

    Radiology's moonshot is going to call for creative leadership, the ACR president told an audience at ACR 2023.

  • Advocating for Change, One Laugh at a Time

    This year's Moreton Lecturer entertained and informed with stories about how he turned his healthcare struggles into advocacy efforts on social media.
  • New Look, Same Values

    The College's new branding speaks to a bold, bright future for radiology.
  • Back to The Hill

    ACR members returned to the U.S. Capitol for the first time since 2019 in a show of solidarity around issues that affect radiology patients.
  • AI All Day Every Day

    The ACR Data Science Institute® and the Commission on Informatics continue to guide radiologists into the future of AI.
  • Beyond Clinical Skills

    The RLI honors leaders who leave a lasting footprint on radiologic care.
  • Success in Advocacy

    Maryland radiologists helped block two measures that would have granted greater powers to physician assistants without oversight.