ACR Bulletin

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January 2023

The ACR Bulletin January 2023

In This Issue

  • The Power of Listening

    Understanding what radiologists are seeking from their practice leaders can help prevent burnout that leads to turnover.
  • Lessons From the RUC

    Participating in the RUC can help ACR members become more effective leaders by honing skills such as communication and advocacy.
  • Repositioning Your Role

    Dread going to work? Improve your daily life — and well-being — by working with your leaders to create the job you want.
  • Who's Responsible (and Liable) When AI Is Used in Healthcare?

    With AI-based devices, physicians can increase diagnostic accuracy and efficiency, as well as improve treatment regimens. But as the technology continues to mature, so does the risk landscape.
  • Focusing on Practice Excellence

    Operational improvement, lung cancer detection, population health, point-of-care ultrasound and patient follow-up were among the discussion topics at the 2022 ACR Quality and Safety Conference.
  • The Council Is Born

    The development of the ACR Council has been a source of pride for the College, representing a governance structure that survives the test  of time while also evolving to meet changing needs in the radiology profession.
  • Empowering Patients

    When it comes to imaging, patients often experience fear or apprehension. To help them better understand what to expect, the ACR has released several animated videos to guide them. 
  • The FACR Application: Trends and Transparency

    The high rate of approved candidates for the FACR designation indicates that members are applying at the appropriate stages of their careers. Candidates are seeking mentorship from chapter fellowship chairs and reviewing the FACR nomination criteria before applying.