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February 2023

February 2023 Issue of the Bulletin: Blurred Lines

In This Issue

  • The Scope of the Problem

    Radiologists have been trained to lead the patient’s healthcare experience and are fighting state efforts to relinquish that role to independent non-physician healthcare practitioners.
  • Preventive Service Coverage

    Reimbursement processes vary from payer to payer, and sometimes state to state, which creates challenges for all involved.
  • Blurred Lines

    State radiology chapters continue their scope-of-practice fight this year against non-physician roles in imaging care. 
  • Advocacy 101 for Residents

    Online presentations drive home the importance of getting involved. 
  • Understanding Bias in AI

    A thoughtful approach to implementing AI tools can prevent adverse effects that can lead to disparities in healthcare. 
  • Protecting Patient Privacy in AI

    Sharing data to develop AI in radiology is tricky because of patient information embedded in each image. The ACR DSI is working with doctors to come up with solutions. 
  • Increase Annual Screening to Nip Lung Cancer in the Bud

    Ella A Kazerooni, MD, FACR, discusses the importance of LCS and the ACR Lung Cancer Screening Registry. 
  • Pathway to FACR

    Wondering where to get started in your journey to ACR Fellowship?