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August 2023

ACR Bulletin cover August 2023

In This Issue

  • Exploring Radiology's Role in Advancing Health Equity

    A five-part series showcases physicians' work in tandem with health equity partners to close gaps in awareness, access and outcomes.
  • A Different Strategy

    Here are 10 steps you can take as a radiologist to promote health equity in your own work.

  • ACR Revises Member Process for Updating Standards

    The Practice Parameters and Technical Standards (PP&TS) program at the ACR is changing its comment and approval process to better serve the College and its members.
  • AI and Associations: 5 Legal Issues to Consider

     New technology such as ChatGPT offers opportunities for conducting business more effectively, but it’s important to take legal risks into account.

  • August Dispatches

    Case in point, new CPE opportunities, LCS registry, Global Humanitarian Award application, in memoriam, CPI editorial openings and incidental findings research
  • Communication Education

    A pilot program is offering a workshop that shows early-career radiologists how to better communicate with patients. The founder hopes to extend it to other medical and non-medical staff.
  • Give Me a Break, Please

    Radiologists who shared their stories for a recent ACR Well-Being 360 Report talk about why stepping away from work is essential.

  • Know the Basics of Physician Payment Policy

    A two-part series introduces the concepts behind physician reimbursement — and the slew of acronyms that go with it. This first installment addresses how reimbursement works in private settings, and the second part will discuss hospital-based payment policy.

  • Unleashing the Potential of Non-Interpretive AI

    An expert panel in an on-demand webinar debates different types of AI tools and how they can affect the work of radiologists.
  • Meeting the Challenges of Providing Equitable Healthcare

    The ACR is taking the lead in advancing health equity by providing a roadmap of strategies and resources for radiologists, their partners and the patients they serve.