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April 2023

ACR Bulletin April Issue 2023

In This Issue

  • Choosing AI

    Physicians are integrating AI into radiology practices of all sizes, helping them streamline their work and enhance patient care.
  • A Century of Accomplishments

    The College will mark its 100th anniversary at ACR 2023, giving us a chance to honor what has been and what is yet to come.
  • The RUC

    Once you get past the acronyms, the work of ensuring a balanced valuation process is fascinating.
  • Incidental Findings in AI

    Radiology is leading the way in determining how to handle unexpected results when AI is used in patient care. 
  • A New Journey - Judicial Advocacy

    Lawsuits involving implementation of the No Surprises Act have taken ACR advocacy work beyond the halls of Congress and state legislatures and into the courtroom.
  • Building Strategic Resilience

    Radiology practice leaders exchange ideas about tough challenges, including how to recruit and retain the best people in a fast-changing market. 
  • Bridging the Gender Gap

    Women are still vastly underrepresented in radiology. That can be changed through mentorship and other measures that encourage female students to go into the specialty.