ACR Bulletin

Covering topics relevant to the practice of radiology

September 2022

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In This Issue

  • An Essential Roadmap for AI in Radiology

    The 2022 Data Science Summit delved into the complex relationship between AI expectations and strategies for successful AI implementation.
  • Better Care for Head and Neck Cancer Patients

    The chair of the ACR NI-RADS™ Committee discusses the importance of standardizing imaging surveillance and reporting and how radiologists can improve care for head and neck cancer patients.
  • Network as a Noun, a Verb, and a Strategy

    The ACR Learning Network highlights the College’s strengths in Quality and Safety improvement and informatics, its ability to advocate, and its track record in impacting economics to benefit our patients and our profession.
  • A Change in Advocacy for the AUC

    The College believes now is an excellent opportunity to advocate for an Appropriate Use Criteria program of tomorrow.
  • Educating on Equity

    A new Radiology-TEACHES® module aims to educate medical students about existing healthcare disparities and how to address them.
  • Exploring Opportunistic Imaging

    Radiologists’ presence at the intersection of many aspects of healthcare, including screening and incidental-findings management, provides the opportunity for increased engagement in PHM.
  • Incidental Findings

    ACR measures are helping to close the recommendations follow-up loop on actionable incidental findings.
  • Radiology Training for the Non-Radiologist Physician

    As radiologists demystify the reading room, more medical students will gain a bird's-eye view of how the field may help them care for their patients in the most effective way possible.