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March 2022

March 2022 Bulletin Cover

In This Issue

  • The Radiology Labor Shortage

    The College is committed to optimizing our workforce as we continue to bring vital and innovative medical care to our patients.
  • A No-Win Situation

    We can escape the problems of the current health system by rapidly rewriting our story and reinventing how we provide care.
  • The Wolf at the Door

    Weathering a cyber attack depends on a fast, cohesive reaction.
  • Build or Buy?

    Radiologists face numerous challenges in evaluating AI systems and deciding which might be worthwhile in their practices.
  • Early Exposure

    By introducing the field of radiology to medical students early on in their careers, students gain an understanding of what being a radiologist truly entails.
  • Leading the Field

    The College will recognize leaders in the imaging community at ACR 2022.
  • The Power of Registry Data

    The ACR National Radiology Data Registry is a valuable quality improvement tool with large datasets that researchers can use to advance health equity.

  • What Do Noncompete Clauses Mean to My Practice?

    Restrictive clauses in employment contracts can lead to tense negotiations. ACR Legal experts weigh in on how to approach these agreements, as both a radiologist and as a practice.