ACR Bulletin

Covering topics relevant to the practice of radiology

December 2022

In This Issue

  • The Pathway to Practice Excellence

    The in-person gathering of the 2022 ACR Annual Conference on Quality and Safety presented a robust and interactive learning program to help attendees breathe new life into their quality improvement efforts.
  • Yogi, Britney, and the No Surprises Act

    The government should institute the law as it was intended — to protect patients and not favor either insurance companies or doctors.
  • No Surprises

    The ACR advocates for the patients and radiologists as it pushes back against unfair policies. 
  • Hone Your Data Science Skills

    Here's how you can brush up and keep up with changes in AI in radiology, both on your own and through organized activities.
  • Improving Care for Prostate Cancer Patients

    Several initiatives are helping ensure early diagnosis and treatment, including PI-RADS® standards, a new ACR Prostate Cancer MRI Center™ designation, and the Prostate MR Image Quality Improvement Collaborative.
  • Shining a Light on Scope-of-Practice Battles

    The government relations chair of the Wisconsin Radiological Society speaks about the importance of radiologist-led advocacy.
  • Dive Into the ACR Workforce Survey

    The number of women in radiology is on the rise, especially among professionals under 40 — an age group that also accounts for increases in people of color. 
  • Being Well Together

    A new webinar will provide radiology residents and fellows with strategies to improve wellness and mitigate burnout. 
  • 10 Years of Building Bridges for Research

    The Harvey Neiman Health Policy Institute® has built relationships throughout the College and among ACR members to move forward the ACR Strategic Plan.