ACR Bulletin

Covering topics relevant to the practice of radiology


In This Issue

  • The Strategic Path Forward

    The ACR is facing the changing tides of healthcare with a new plan to help guide the way.
  • When Screening Meets AI

    As the first screening-focused tools enter practice, radiologists are on the frontlines ensuring AI delivers on its promise of accurate, efficient imaging.
  • The Way Ahead: Screening Special Issue

    Prolonged delays in imaging due to the pandemic are threatening to increase existing health disparities, but radiologists can help move the needle forward.
  • Changing the Storyline

    Radiologists can rewrite the existing narrative on health disparities by reaching out to underserved communities about the lifesaving benefits of CTC.
  • Bringing Patients In

    The updated USPSTF guidelines are a win to reach people at high risk for lung cancer with CT screening, even as the continued pandemic discourages some from seeking healthcare.
  • Improving Access

    RAD-AID International and the ACR are partnering to eliminate social and structural barriers that lead to health disparities in underserved communities.
  • Starting a Conversation

    New, more inclusive breast cancer screening guidelines seek to clarify, educate, and reach patients and their referring clinicians to get more people screened.
  • Breast Screening Meets COVID-19

    A new JAMA study finds high rates of missed breast cancer screening as a result of the pandemic, which may worsen preexisting disparities among underserved groups.
  • Fluoroscopy Futures

    A new Dose Index Registry module can improve practices’ efficiencies and help reduce errors.