ACR Bulletin

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March 2021 cover

In This Issue

  • Reimagining the ACR

    This year, the College is taking a new approach to its operations, goals, and resources.
  • Staying Engaged, Remaining Active

    ACR members are already working together to ensure legislative success at the end of 2021.
  • Recovery Mode

    Cyber attacks have ramped up in recent years, and radiology practices must be prepared to respond decisively to potential breaches.
  • Leading the Field

    ACR recognizes leaders in the imaging community at this year’s annual meeting.
  • Sustainable Images

    Advancing radiology services in underserved countries benefits everyone — both at home and abroad.
  • New IDEAS

    A new trial is recruiting patients for its dementia imaging study focusing on underrepresented populations.
  • A Point of Hope

    A radiologist launches a study exploring convalescent plasma therapy as a lifeline for COVID-19 patients in a community in Georgia.