ACR Bulletin

Covering topics relevant to the practice of radiology


cover of the December 2021 Bulletin

In This Issue

  • Clinical Research

    The ACR is committed to innovation in radiological clinical studies.
  • The ACR BOC Meeting

    The fall retreat addressed population health management, the radiology workforce, and the importance of communication.
  • Demystifying Radiology Reports

    A provision of the 21st Century Cures Act has put information directly into patients’ hands — and a new resource on can help them understand their results.
  • Zeroing In on Value

    A radiology leader shares how his practice established a method for quantifying non-interpretive activities — helping to demonstrate his group’s unmatched value.
  • Providing Quality Care

    Two new modules aim to educate the radiology profession on the myriad issues that surround patient gonadal and fetal shielding.
  • State Talk

    The past president of the Florida Radiological Society discusses how important chapter involvement is to the radiology community.
  • Scope of Practice Update

    The ACR continues to actively oppose independent practice by non-physician radiology providers.
  • Radiology, AI, and PHM

    By employing machine learning algorithms, radiologists can lead the way on population health management efforts.