ACR Bulletin

Covering topics relevant to the practice of radiology

September 2020

Illustration of doctors helping patients over barriers to pluck health equity fruit from tree

In This Issue

  • Health Equity in the Spotlight

    This month, we’re exploring the connection between radiology and improved access to care.
  • Providing Healthcare to the Most Vulnerable

    Medicaid, already the largest payer in the nation, is about to get larger as millions lose private health insurance as a result of COVID-19.
  • Health Equity: Everyone's Responsibility

    Radiologists are in a unique position to lead efforts to address health disparities and accommodate the needs of diverse patients.
  • Learning from Crisis

    Across the country, the pandemic has thrown inequities in the healthcare system into the spotlight — and radiologists believe this visibility might actually spur change.
  • Breaking Down Barriers

    Radiologists may hold the key to decreasing health disparities among minorities with potential lung cancer. 
  • What Matters

    COVID-19 has ignited a call for change in thinking about those most in need — and how the country’s overall health is interconnected.
  • Addressing Bias in AI

    A culture of fairness ensures protection for vulnerable or underrepresented populations.
  • Creating Lasting Improvements

    With racism and health inequity in the national spotlight, some are asking: How can we bring about long-term change from crisis?
  • Responding to Racial Inequity

    As protests against racial injustice continue across the U.S., the ACR is speaking out and moving forward with change.
  • Trailblazing a Path to Diversity

    Creating a diversity committee provides a critical opportunity for a state chapter to embrace and actualize the College’s mission of “excellence through diversity.”
  • Keeping the Conversation Going

    A civil rights activist encourages continued dialogue as radiology addresses its lack of underrepresented minority physicians.
  • The Six-Week Miracle

    ACR 2020 was a departure from previous annual meetings — but more than 700 members convened virtually to move forward with the business of the College.