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July 2020

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In This Issue

  • Crisis Management

    Crisis management is complicated by uncertainty. The ACR is committed to providing you with at least a measure of clarity in these challenging times.
  • Advocating for Change

    Until the specialty addresses the potential abuse of the “treating physician” rule, it is unlikely to move the needle on radiologists taking ownership of more of the imaging process from start to finish.
  • Stronger Together

    Due to COVID-19, ACR 2020 was a departure from previous annual meetings — but more than 700 members convened virtually to move forward with the business of the College.
  • A Lack of Balance

    While COVID-19 has hit all aspects of the imaging profession hard, women face unique challenges trying to manage work and life.
  • Assessing Strengths in a Perilous Time

    In the wake of COVID-19, the now-past chair of the ACR BOC reflects on members’ resilience and humanity as a community, and about the foundations on which the College stands.
  • Back to the Beginning

    ACR’s now-past president urges radiologists to reflect on the values that are so important to their future — in the service of patients as physicians.
  • Making Voices Heard

    With the passing of Resolution 35: RFS and YPS Standing to Submit ACR Resolutions, RFS and YPS members are now potentially an even more active part of the ACR governance process.
  • Planning Past the Peak

    A pediatric radiologist shares straight-forward advice on how practices can resume deferred imaging, post-pandemic.
  • An Idea Forged in Crisis

    One residency program gets creative to maintain radiology education through COVID-19.
  • Running Lean and Strong

    Practices push forward to bolster their financial position post-COVID.
  • Making Connections Through Music

    A radiologist gains national acclaim for using the power of music to uplift patients during the pandemic.
  • Leading the Way

    Radiology leaders share their stories, advice and lessons learned in a new RLI podcast.