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It’s All About Communication

The new Workgroup on Council Communications is leading broader CSC initiatives and providing venues for councilor discussion between annual meetings.
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February 11, 2020

The ACR Council represents members through chapter and society representatives and provides direction for the College via policy. The ACR Council meets during the annual meeting to deliberate policy and resolutions. The CSC oversees Council activities and represents the Council when not in session. Working together, the Council and CSC liaison roles facilitate communication between members, chapters, societies with Council representation, and the ACR BOC. CSC members additionally facilitate the development of Practice Parameters and Technical Standards and serve on year-round workgroups to best serve the Council and ACR members.

During the 2018 ACR open microphone session, Council members indicated a desire to advance bidirectional communication between the CSC, Council, and ACR members more broadly.1 Specific suggestions included the following:

  1. The CSC should solicit ideas and feedback from councilors and communicate information to councilors between annual meetings.
  2. The CSC should encourage increased communication to chapters through the existing CSC liaison program.
  3. There should be less rigid communication, with increased frequency and volume of communication sent to members and volunteer solicitation for existing and new initiatives.
  4. The CSC should communicate with members about discussions that are happening “behind the scenes.”

In response, the current speaker appointed a Workgroup on Council Communications to help the CSC identify and prioritize potential new initiatives — balancing staff and volunteer resources with stakeholder needs and wants. The Workgroup on Council Communications is tasked with leading some initiatives — such as the enhanced use of ACR Engage — and serving in an advisory role for broader CSC initiatives, such as providing venues for discussion by councilors on activities of other workgroups between annual meetings. The Workgroup on Council Communications has proposed
the following actions to address member concerns:

  1. Virtual Town Hall Meetings
    Currently, the Workgroup on Council Communications is exploring whether a live webinar, chat, or discussion forum by the speaker and vice speaker would be the best option.
  2. Increased Communication
    The CSC assigns each Council member as a liaison to several state chapters, societies, and commissions. These individuals reach out to the stakeholders for input throughout the year, and this could be extended to individual chapter members. The Workgroup on Council Communications is gauging interest in having liaisons physically visit a chapter meeting during the year — with an understanding that there will be budgetary implications for increased CSC member travel.
  3. State-of-the-Council Communications
    The CSC is exploring additional areas of communication beyond ACR Bulletin articles and e-mail newsletters.
  4. Post-Meeting Report of CSC Activities
    This year, a short summary of CSC activities has been posted in the Engage Council Community to inform members of CSC actions and deliberations. This summary will also be sent to ACR chapter executives. Recent CSC activities have included:
  • The formation of the Annual Meeting Workgroup, charged with reviewing evaluations from the previous ACR Council meeting: Multiple suggestions will be implemented, including changes in format to allow additional time for open microphone sessions and productive Q&A opportunities. Once the new format is finalized, CSC members will solicit feedback on Engage.
  • The formation of the Non-Physician Provider Workgroup, the result of a late resolution introduced prior to the 2018 Council meeting: That resolution was withdrawn with the goal of obtaining
    and reviewing all pertinent information prior to bringing forward a resolution to the Council. The CSC reviewed multiple documents and voted to open an active dialogue with the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists. The Non-Physician Provider Workgroup will ultimately report back to the Council in May.
  • A proposal by a workgroup to revise the Council Standing Rules and Procedures Document to ensure clarity and internal consistency
  • The review of the two longstanding conflict of interest policies, which is currently underway by the CSC: The CSC anticipates presenting an updated umbrella policy resolution to the Council
    for consideration in May.
  • The formation of a workgroup to review the existing Electioneering Policy for annual ACR elections and consider recommendations from the Governance Committee to provide fair, clear, and consistent direction to candidates: The current policy is published each year in the election manual and is sent to candidates. Several questions have arisen regarding specifics not addressed in the policy. The workgroup will have a document prepared for formal adoption by the CSC in May. If you have comments on these topics, please email



1. Segovis C, Hawk K, Friedberg E, Lewis E, Metter D, Everett C, Duszak Jr. R, Swan T. The purpose and best role for councilors and chapter leaders in the ACR. J Am Coll Radiol. 2019;16(9):1232–1234.

Author Speaker Richard Duszak Jr., MD, FACR, and Vice Speaker Amy L. Kotsenas, MD, FACR